“Dr. Ibrahim has a unique and valuable perspective on security strategy and counter-terrorism, and I believe would be a major contributor to public discourse and policy formulation in the area of fighting extremism.”

Hon Michael Chertoff

Former United States Secretary of Homeland Security

“Informative and thought-provoking, this important book is essential reading for anyone who needs to understand the DNA of violent extremism. Political leaders, law enforcers, the military, diplomats, businessmen: all have something to learn from this well researched and eloquently presented work.”

Lt General Sir Alistair Irwin KCB CBE

Former Adjutant General UK Armed Forces

“Azeem Ibrahim is one of the most interesting, original and articulate writers on the challenge facing both Muslim communities and the world as a whole from Islamic Extremism. Once one has read his books and essays one has a much fuller understanding not only of the threats the world faces but the reforms and changes needed to counter them.”

Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind KCMG QC

UK Secretary of Defence (1992-1995)
UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (1995-1997)
Chair of Parliamentary Committee on Security and Intelligence (2010-2015)

“If you have struggled to understand the causes and aims of modern jihadism you should read this book. More importantly if you want to understand what solutions look like you must read this book.”

Major General Andrew Mackay CBE

Former Commander of British Forces in Helmand

“An understanding of jihadism, its causes and ambitions and what can and must be done to address the dynamic of its growing global impact is an imperative for all who value the way we live together in modern diverse society. In that context, this book, by Dr. Ibrahim, is an excellent analysis of the dangers of today and the solutions of tomorrow. It has the added value that it is written in accessible language. It is a must read for all who have responsibility for our shared security.”

Rt Hon The Lord Browne of Layton

UK Secretary of Defence (May 2006 – Oct 2008)

“Over the past decade I’ve watched with admiration as Azeem has created a niche role as a persuasive commentator on the impact and causes of Moslem fundamentalism and jihadist radicalisation. The international network of contacts and the influence that this proud Glaswegian has built up over the years is truly impressive. He is listened to by Presidents, senior politicians, diplomats and academics across the globe. This latest work on jihadism takes Azeem’s reputation as an authoritative analyst to a new level and is a must-read.”

Former MI6 (British Intelligence)

Station Chief in Washington DC.

“Azeem Ibrahim makes an important and thoughtful contribution to the debate on how to fight jihadist Salafism. For policymakers, practitioners, and students alike, this is a must-read!”

Professor Peter Neumann

Director International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR)
Dept of War Studies, King’s College London

“[Dr. Ibrahim’s] research work is exceptional, he continues to push the boundaries of academic study in International Relations and Geopolitics. He has demonstrated time and again that he is able to analyse and understand the most complex of issues that challenge politicians in the 21st century, whilst producing real workable solutions. This is a rare talent.”

Rt Hon Vernon Coaker, MP

Former Shadow Secretary of Defence

“As an acknowledged world renowned commentator on Al Qaeda influenced extremism…the strength and conviction of your argument was very persuasive”

Asst Chief Constable Colin McCashey

Association of Chief Police Officers Coordinator for Counter Terrorism

“He is an extremely impressive individual. He is serious and thoughtful. He is poised and professional. He is effective and productive. In the substantive areas on which he focuses—such as counterterrorism, energy, Caspian basin developments—he combines deep knowledge, high analytic skills, and nuanced understanding. But more broadly he has offered acute insights into a range of significant issues.”

Dr Steven E. Miller

Director, International Security Program at Harvard University
Editor in Chief of International Security

“Azeem is a remarkable young man. He is an effective and enthusiastic communicator, able to work across ethnic, religious, generational and political boundaries”

Mr. Mohammad Sarwar MP

Glasgow Central (1997-2010)

“Deeply impressive. Dr. Ibrahim builds bridges across global religious and cultural divides, as well as his grasp of the topic and his eloquence in presenting it to a sophisticated multinational audience.”

Ambassador John Shattuck

Former US Secretary of State for Democracy and Human Rights

“Dr. Ibrahim’s perspective and insights were central to our discussion. His contributions undoubtedly made this one of the most substantive dialogues to date.”

Hon Madeleine Albright

Former US Secretary of State

“The work that Dr. Ibrahim has undertaken and published is serious and high quality. The analysis and rigor he brings will provide a firm platform for actions by the professions and government over the years ahead.”

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, MP